Hear from the Seniors: DeeDee Kinzie (视觉艺术), 加布·贝尔(媒体艺术), and Sloane Dyer (音乐)

祝贺2022届毕业生! 听大四学生DeeDee Kinzie的报道, 加布贝尔, and Sloane Dyer on their favorite Academy memories, 他们最想念的是什么, 以及给新生的建议.

DeeDee Kinzie(视觉艺术’22)

What are you going to miss most about The Academy?

我会怀念那种自由创作的感觉. I’m free to explore so many different things and have the time to work on my art. 感觉真的很特别. And I'm definitely going to miss the sense of creative energy throughout the building.

How would you describe your relationship with your arts teachers and with your academic teachers?

我认为这是非常积极的. I'm personally close to some of my teachers, but I also feel very intellectually close to them. I feel very respected by all of my academic and art teachers. I definitely can engage with them about the things that I'm interested in. Since it's such a small school you get to know people very well. You get to have very in-depth conversations with teachers.

Do you have any advice for an incoming Academy freshman?

My advice would be to work hard and take care of yourself. Respect other people and try to engage with their ideas. Be open-minded to new ways of making things and learning things. I think that's the most important thing you can do as a student here, 或者在任何地方——只要思想开放.

斯隆·戴尔(音乐' 22)


I'm gonna miss the collaborations we had inside of our department, because I think they are really special — the type of relationships we have with each other and the different types of music that we put together. Nolan's music plus Bazyli's music, you wouldn't always think go together, but they do. 这真的很酷. Watching people do that and doing the same with me is really, really nice.

Do you have any advice for an incoming Academy freshman?

My advice would be to make sure to notice what's going on around you, because it's really cool. And once you leave, you aren't necessarily going to get that. I mean you can get similar things, but it's not the same. Be sure to work with as many other people as you can.

加布·贝尔(媒体艺术' 22)

So when you think about The Academy, do you have a favorite memory? Is there something you are going to really miss about the school?

I'll probably just miss how much of a community it is. 与日博体育官方APP和大学相比, there is a nice sense of community that comes with being such a small school. You know everyone and have a rapport with every teacher, one that is unique to you. 我一定会怀念的. I don’t think I will have that with my professors.


I think it starts with arts being equal to academics. You are kind of going to two schools at once, so you have to develop good organizational skills. I thought that the fact that you can go from Math right to Stage Direction was crazy. And I only realized recently that it's not crazy to me anymore. When I talk to my non-Academy friends about what I do, they are like “What are you talking about? You just came from a show where you made and presented a film and now you're here.“这在日博体育官方APP很正常.